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Outreach Programs—For Educators

Nanofabrication Workshop for Educators

These workshops explore the world of nanotechnology and are offered several times per year. Workshop dates are posted in the News/Events section. Participants learn about the growing applications of nanotechnology in many industries including the biotechnology, MEMS, optoelectronics, chemical, and nano-electronics industries. The fundamentals of nanofabrication processes and tools are covered and practiced through processing labs in the class 10 cleanrooms of the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility.  Each workshop runs three days with the time broken down into daily morning lectures by nationally recognized Penn State researchers and engineering staff, and afternoon lab sessions in nanofabrication. Click here to view a sample workshop agenda. The intended audience for these workshops are high school and college educators, administrators, guidance counselors, career counselors, etc. A previous knowledge of micro or nanotechnology is not required.   To be added to our contacts database and receive updates and announcements, sign up here.

Pennsylvania school teachers attending these workshops may receive Act 48 credits available upon request.

For information on enrollment availability and logistics for our next nanofabrication workshop for educators, please contact:

Sue Barger

For more information on workshop content, please contact:

Bob Ehrmann

Speaking Engagements

Do you have a group or organization that is interested in learning about nanotechnology? Contact us to schedule a seminar or speaking engagement. In your email, include the following:

  • The level of familiarity the audience has with nanotechnology
  • Any special nanotechnology topics desired to be addressed
  • The length of time desired for the talk
  • Where the talk is planned to be held

Request a Workshop

Do you have a group interested in attending a workshop, but can’t make one of our regularly scheduled ones? Click here to email us and let us know how many are interested in attending and what dates your party is available. We will review your request and do our best to satisfy it.

Suggest a Workshop

Do you have an idea for a workshop format, or workshop content that you would like to see implemented? Click here to tell us about it!
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